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Your Healthiest Spring Ever

###HERO Bikes

With a mission to alleviate rural poverty, the nonprofit HERO makes high-quality bamboo bikes that also provide affordable housing solutions and jobs to communities in Alabama.


###Bureo Minnow Skateboards

These sidewalk cruisers are made from unneeded fishing nets collected on the Chilean coastline, reducing ocean waste and aiding fishing communities.


###GoSun Stove

This solar stove cooks meals in 20 minutes using sunlight. Each one sold helps provide a stove to a family in the developing world.


###Bombas Socks

Not only do these socks contain features designed specially for athletic adventures, but for every pair sold, one is donated to a homeless shelter.

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###LifeStraw Water Bottle

LifeStraw bottles automatically filter water from outdoor sources. The company also provides clean water to a child in Africa for every bottle sold.


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