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YouTube Wants Comment Section to No Longer Be the Worst Place on the Internet

If you’ve ever looked at the conversations happening in the comments underneath a video on YouTube, there’s a high-likelihood that you’ve encountered some of the worst speech humanity can muster. Racism, cyber-bullying, sexism and just plain meanness are prevalent across the site, with comments actually relevant to the content of the video often getting buried under a pile of filth and trolling. Now, YouTube wants to change that. They’ve outline a new plan that will let content creators filter out terms, more easily blacklist users and show the most helpful and relevant comments at the top of the thread. They’ll also try to eliminate the anonymity of its current system by making users tie their accounts to a Google Plus profile. And, if you are one of the three dozen people actually using Google Plus currently (or plan to join the party soon), you’ll be able to adjust your personal settings so that conversations and discussion threads are based primarily on people in your “circles” …

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