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105-Year-Old’s Secret to Long Life: Bacon

Pearl Cantrell may have discovered the secret to long life—lots and lots of crispy, delicious bacon. The 105-year-old told a local news station that she eats bacon every single day and recommends copious amounts of the sizzling cured pork to anyone else who wants to live to see 100. Bacon and hot dog maker Oscar Meyer was so impressed by Pearl’s story, that they paid a visit to her with their famous Wienermobile on her most recent birthday. In a statement, the company even claimed, “Pearl is an inspiration for the community.” Well-said, Oscar Meyer. Take that, so called, “nutritionists.” Despite your warnings about the “calories” and “saturated fat” of meats like bacon, Pearl Cantrell has discovered the fountain of youth—and it’s bacon. Sweet, delicious bacon …

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