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Podcast Comic Book Mania!

If you’ve listened to the RELEVANT Podcast in the last couple of months, you’ve probably heard the running joke about the lost 1980s Saturday morning cartoon Obama & Me! starring a 9-year-old Cameron Strang with Sen. Obama as a superhero that only he sees. The gag went to another level when listener Matthew McDaniel sent us the “Amazing First Issue!” of the Obama & Me comic book. He sent us a physical comic book—complete with mid-1980s ads—and buttons he “found at a flea market.” The detail of this thing is genius, and you can see it below.

But not to be outdone, our old friend Spencer Fruhling (creator of the legendary “America: Canada’s Jorts” poster) sent us a McCain & Me! comic book this week (eerily reminiscent of the McGhee & Me cartoon)! Unbelievable, guys. You’re legends.

Senator Obama & Me

By Matthew McDaniel


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McCain & Me

By Spencer Fruhling

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