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where the weak are killed and eaten…

where the weak are killed and eaten…

update from a design intern:

This isn’t about design but more so some mid-summer thoughts I want to share and also a few interesting stories. Meredith suggested I write a book, but…well we all know how that’d end. You might pick up my book because it caught your eye but anyone intellectual would start reading and be like, “who in God’s great earth allowed this girl to spit on the world of literature.” But…it’d have a great cover!

If you are like me then when you go grocery shopping you find yourself buying things, not because you think it’ll taste good but all because it looks so cool. Canada Dry Sparkling Green Tea. I bought it because the combination of the mint green and gold can design contrasted against the red canada dry logo, I loved it. Its the kind of thing I look at say to myself, “I wish i had come up with that”. But it gets better, I’d venture to say it tastes like heaven in a can. Yeah, it’s that good. Touche Canadra Dry, your designers have pulled me into buying it.

So since I have been in Orlando I have noticed a few differences in more than the weather compared to Michigan. On my way to work I listen to the radio and they informed me that Orlando is the lightning capitol of the WORLD. Not just the country. And Im not sure why, but I seem to be the only person that doesn’t find that appealing. Everyone is like, “oh i love storms!!”….what? You actually enjoy fire and electricity shooting out of the sky down towards the earth? I do not. 

so not only has the weather freaked me out but if you live here you know close to Orlando the crime rate isn’t exactly….low. So I had to go to the ER because I was going deaf in my left ear for about a week and then when the pain got severe I decided that I might want to get that checked out. On my way I see helicopters circling around very low to the ground, shining spot lights everywhere. It was like out of a movie. Because the only time Ive ever seen that happen is in a movie, Im thinking there is a serial killer out on the loose (which actually was true) and he’s running around….I dont know, killing people? 

Yes. In Orlando they actually do it Black Hawk Down Style and have helicopters out searching for dangerous people! My room mate thought it was hilarious that Im from Detroit and that freaks me out. Ok. first of all….in Detroit, we do not waste helicopter gas on spotlighting the city to find dangerous people. That’s like hiring an ant eater to find ants inside an ant farm…. totally pointless. (I don’t pretend i have good analogies, but they are unique)

And I actually grew up 45 minutes west of Detroit. People who don’t live in downtown only go there for business….”business”….Tigers game, or a play/show. It was actually rated the most dangerous city and in the top ten of obese cities…so that tells me you’re chances of out running a criminal are high in Detroit. But you can’t out run bullets my friend.

I was with the interns and somehow Brad Paisley came up and we were talking about how he comes on the loud speaker at the Nashville airport every 5 minutes and says “Welcome to Nashville. The Home of country music” and I thought it would be hilarious if at the Detroit airport we have Eminem come on the loud speaker and say “Welcome to Detroit _choiceword_ !! Where the weak are killed and eaten”. He doesn’t, but that would be funny.


So I am done with my brief synopsis of my Orlando experiences. I hope that if you are an aspiring intern I have helped you prepare yourself for the Orlando area or a visit to Detroit. Have a great Independence Day! 






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