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I’m From Al-a-bam-a

I’m From Al-a-bam-a

So if in a stint of summer boredom you have been continuously checking this specific blog you might have realized that the interns are BACK and better than ever.

If on the rare occasion you are tired of introductions then I would suggest skipping to the bottom of this paragraph but for the rest of you here go the tedious formalities. My name is Megan Forrester and I am from the grandiose state of Alabama. I have lived out the past 22 years of life in a small town called Auburn and I attend the one reason that said town even exists which is Auburn University (or should I say Auburn University Football). For my education I happen to be majoring in graphic design hence the reason of my internship with Relevant. I plan to graduate in December and from there be thrown into the rampant and unpredictable seas of adulthood formally entitled “the real world” which I hope has no correlations to the MTV reality show.

Okay so now that is out of the way let’s get on to the real reason you’re reading this blog. I have come to the conclusion that you, dear reader, fall into one of the following categories:

1.) We Made You Come Here
Perhaps you know one of us and we, through whatever means necessary, sent you to our blog. We apologize if those means were somewhat unpleasant but you know that it was only for your own good.

2.) You Want to Be One of Us
That’s right I said it. Now I don’t mean to sound arrogant or prideful in such a suggestion and honestly I am glad that there might be one or two of you who aspire to join in on the colorful history of interns here at Relevant.

3.) You Are Related To Us
And this is where I create a makeshift sign and wave it around that reads “Hi Mom and Dad!” but if we’re honest here we all know that our families are just as eager to know what their little snook’ems is up to on a daily basis (besides eating all of our vegetables of course).

4.) That Link LIED To You
Oh so you accidentally clicked on this blog link, did you? Riiiight. Maybe you are curious or just randomly stumbled upon what you view to be a gold mind of wit and intriguing literature that you couldn’t keep from your eyes scanning across the page. Welcome stranger, I’m glad that the structure of our website led you here and I hope that it will happen again.

Regardless of what category you fall into I want to officially, and warmly, welcome you to a small perspective of the “seedy underbelly of Relevant” as it is so described in Chris’ post. We will try our best to give you a grand buffet view of what it is like to be an intern in all of its fame and glory.
For now I will leave you with this snippet. Tim was having a great discussion with Lloyd about what Tim believes to be his butchering of the English language when this glorious comment came to pass.

Lloyd looked over and said in his admirable British accent “Tim. I should stab you. With a plastic spoon.”

That alone should be the soul reason that you apply for an internship. Not only to further your academic career but to hear such delightfully hilarious dialog on a daily basis. I will leave you now in your stifled laughter and please feel free to comment in the space provided below.

We would love to hear what category you belong to.

– Written by One out of Nine Interns: Megan Forrester

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