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Yeasayer and MGMT

Two sold-out shows in Chicago, this usually means that it’s time to start paying attention to whoever the band is who’s accomplishing the feat. In this case, perhaps there are two bands to pay attention to. I already shared Yeasayer with you guys a month ago, but now MGMT deserves some ReleBlog love too.


These two bands have distinctly different musical styles, MGMT is indie rock to dance to in neon sunglasses and American Apparel purple jeans, while Yeasayer is another Animal Collective psychedelic romp through Amazon jungles. The staple that made their recent tour so complimentary is their mutual worldliness. Just take a look at this awesome video for MGMT’s Time to Pretend, they’re jumping around like Lord of the Flies and singing about the most humanistic ideals (“this is our decision to live fast and die young, we’ve got the vision, now let’s have some fun!”). And critics have occasionally labeled Yeasayer as “world music.” I’m not sure if this is some sort of Brooklyn phenomenon, but it’s clearly a style to be aware of right now.


I’d say MGMT is for fans of Of Montreal, it’s less outrageous, but I think “Time to Pretend” and “Electric Feel” should speak for themselves. Oracular Spectacular is their new album, and it’s an indie rock major label delight. In my opinion, the songs come across better on record than in the live setting, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t see them live. You should.


And Yeasayer. These guys are an urban tribe if such a thing ever existed. The live setting totally revamps their recorded material. They shout and clap and literally destroy their cymbals (irony opposing due to album title, All Hour Cymbals? hmm.), and they look so dirty. I can’t say if it’s more interesting listening to how their music is produced on album or actually seeing them perform, but these guys are definitely onto something different. Don’t miss their next tour.

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So get a load of this musical humanism, these two bands are unapologetic and sincerely passionate about the abilities of mankind. Yeasayer made two of their best songs available for free download HERE. And seriously, this could be a new direction for rock music, don’t let it drift past you today.

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