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63% of Millennials Say the American Dream Is ‘Unachievable’

In a new CNNMoney poll, nearly 6 in 10 people said that they now feel that the “American Dream” is no longer achievable. Millennials, (18-to 34-year-olds) were most likely to feel that their American Dreams would not come true, with 63% saying it was now unachievable. The catch is, the researchers didn’t tell respondents what the “American Dream” was, letting them define it for themselves. Having grown up in the Great Recession could have affected overall attitudes for millennials as well as their parents: 63% of all Americans said that their kids will have a harder time than they did. However, experts say that despite recent economic troubles, because of the likelihood that both spouses work, households have higher incomes than their parents did. Other experts point to the fact that though “mobility”—the ability to move to more prosperous cities—is relatively low in the U.S., rates haven’t dropped in recent years, still allowing Americans to move to find jobs that will let them accomplish their “Dream” …

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