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A Bunch of Cathedrals Are In a Twitter War and It’s the Best Religious Controversy of the Year.

Maybe you knew, maybe you didn’t, but October 2 was World Architecture Day, which is the sort of holiday you just kind of notice if you hear about it on social media and don’t care if you didn’t. But you know who did notice it? The verified Twitter accounts of the world’s cathedrals, and they came for each other with knives out in what has to be the best-natured religious controversy of the modern era.

It all started when St. Paul’s Cathedral in London sent out an innocuous tweet, commemorating the holiday and tagging a few fellow cathedrals.

But they didn’t tag Coventry Cathedral, who took offense to the omission because, as they point out, they’ve got a whole moon.

But Exeter Cathedral was unimpressed by a single moon. If you want to stay fresh on the cathedral scene these days, you’ve got to have multiples.

St. Paul’s clapped back with a piece of ornate woodwork from within their halls that has reminded more than one visitor of a NASA rocket over the last few decades.

At this point, York Minster got involved, feeling a little salty about being left out.

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Ely, Lincoln and Winchester also got involved for a holy rumble in which literally everyone was left standing at the end, just as they have for hundreds of years. Why can’t all religious debates be this fun?

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