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Again, a Trump Rally Turned Into a ‘Riot’

Yesterday, protesters at a rally for presidential hopeful Donald Trump in New Mexico set fires, smashed a door and threw rocks. According to news reports, officers reacted with smoke grenades and pepper spray. Albuquerque Police called the protesters’ actions a “riot.”

There were even reports of gunshots, but police couldn’t confirm anything.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this latest Trump rally violence carried strong nationalist overtones. Supporters within the rally chanted “Build that wall,” while Trump responded with “Go home to mommy.”

Today, the flamboyant candidate tweeted:

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Of course, this isn’t the first Trump rally to be met with disruption and protest. In March, there was violence at a rally in Chicago that resulted in its being canceled. An event in North Carolina also involved violence, the Trump supporter is currently facing criminal charges.

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