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Alternative Scouting Organization Launches after Boy Scouts Vote to Allow Gay Youth

This weekend, a group of former Eagle Scouts announced the launch of “Trail Life USA”, a new organization they’ve created after pulling their children out of the Boy Scouts. The scouting organization is in response to a recent change in policy at the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), that will allow gay teens to become members starting on Jan. 1. According to one of Trail Life USA’s founders, John Stemberger, gay youth can become a part of the new organization, but will not be allowed to “flaunt” their sexuality.

The recent change in policy at the Boy Scouts caused a major controversy in the organization—currently, almost 70 percent of troupes are sponsored by churches, and some were divided about the new rules. Stemberger says that the vision of his new organization isn’t to be “churchy” or to be an “anti-BSA organization,” but rather, “This is going to be a masculine outdoor program to raise young men.” Some critics, like Zach Wahls, founder of Scouts for Equality, said the new group is simply a “rhetorical ploy” because the BSA still prohibits discussions of sexuality. “It’s really a distinction without a difference that they’re trying to make here” …

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