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American Apparel’s Quest to be Awful Forges On

American Apparel, as everyone knows, is on a quest to be awful. Although there’s no denying that their t-shirts are very comfortable and their wages are very fair, fair wages and comfy t-shirts have been but minor obstacles in their much larger quest of hypersexualization, habitual harassment and all-around sleaziness. The quest hit a major triumph last night with their “Hurricane Sandy Sale,” which offered those in affected states a 20% discount for the duration of the storm. How generous. If you’re stuck in a powerless apartment, surrounded by water, you can take comfort in knowing you have a batch of comfy t-shirts, eye-searing leggings and navel-grazing v-neck tank-tops are on their way to soothe your troubles. Twitter didn’t take kind to American Apparel’s offer (although some noted the company has donated clothing to disaster relief in the past) and, as of this writing, they have yet to issue a statement …

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