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Another Blogger in Bangladesh Has Been Murdered for Criticizing Religious Extremism

Just months after the founder of the secular blog “Free Mind” was murdered in the streets by Islamic extremists armed with machetes, another Bangladeshi blogger has been hacked to death. Ananta Bijoy Das also wrote for the blog, which identifies itself as a “congregation of freethinkers, rationalists, skeptics, atheists & humanists of mainly Bengali and South Asian descent.” Das is the third anti-religious-extremism blogger to be murdered in the country in recent months. As Buzzfeed notes, though the nation’s government is officially non-religious, the population is largely Muslim, and the country’s main Islamist political party was formally banned by courts two years ago. Das was known as an advocate of science and was critical of religious fundamentalism. Like the other victims—who were also critical Islam and extremism—he was hacked to death in a public street …

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