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Archaeologists Have Discovered an Entry Way to King Herod’s Palace

Researchers in the West Bank have unearthed a massive, multi-level corridor that served as an entry to the Herodian Hilltop Palace 2,000 years ago. From The National Post:

Three Hebrew University archaeologists concluded that Herod — best remembered for ordering the murder of the baby boys of Bethlehem in the Bible’s Nativity account — had the corridor filled in as part of his plan to turn Herodium into a volcano-shaped hill that was to commemorate him after his death.

Along with the hidden palace entrance, according to NBC News the team found a series of “hidden tunnels that were used by Jewish guerrillas during a second-century revolt against the Romans.” As with many activities in the region, the dig has proved somewhat controversial, as Palestinian leaders have contested the rights of Israeli teams to excavate areas in the West Bank …

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