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Attention: Taco Bell Is Giving Away Free Doritos Tacos Today

If you are a fan of free food and/or tacos, we’ve got some good news: Today, Taco Bell restaurants around the country are giving away free “Doritos Locos” Tacos.

We’ll be honest, the promotion is a little confusing, because they are honoring the Golden State Warriors “stealing” game four of the NBA Finals on the road, even though they lost the series to the Cavs. Whatever. The important thing is that as part of the #stealataco promotion, everyone in America is entitled to their free Doritos/taco mashup.

If saving like $1.50 on the ultimate junk food collaboration is your thing, then you have between 2 pm and 6 pm today to claim your Locos Taco. Live Mas, people.

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