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The Batkid Fund Will Help other Children Fighting Serious Illnesses

The story of young Miles Scott—whom you probably know as Batkid—took the nation by storm after he made a wish to become Batman for a day. More than 20,000 San Francisco residents came out to help stage a day of superhero adventures for the 5-year-old leukemia survivor, and now his family wants to give back. They’ve partnered with the San Francisco Forty Niners’ Foundation to create “The Batkid Fund”, a special campaign that raises money for three charities: Make-A-Wish, the Ronald McDonald House and Oregon’s Asante Rogue Medical Center. In a statement, Batkid’s proud parents said, “It seems only fitting that following a day when the world demonstrated caring and compassion for Batkid … Batkid can now help others.” You’re just the hero we need Batkid …

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