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Bear Grylls Is Back

Get your DVRs ready—Bear Grylls is returning to TV. The star of the hit show Man vs. Wild, which aired on Discovery, is returning to the network with Bear Grylls: Ultimate Survivor. The new show retells the stories of everyday people who found themselves in unimaginable situations—crash-landing in the Amazon, getting stuck in a crevasse in the European Alps, being lost in the North African desert. And because this is Bear Grylls, and because Bear Grylls is awesome, he will personally show viewers how to survive (should you ever find yourself lost in a remote jungle with nothing but a pocket knife and a will to do anything to survive). NBC will also soon air a new adventure series with Grylls called Get Out Alive. In the summer of 2010, Bear Grylls spoke to RELEVANT about how his faith in Christ is the “backbone” in his life …

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