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Bookstore Turns on Awning Sprinkler to Chase Away Sleeping Homeless

Yikes. The Strand, a very well-known bookstore in New York City, has allegedly been turning on its awning’s sprinkler system to chase away any homeless people sleeping underneath it. A few anonymous store employees confirmed that the point of the sprinklers was to shoo away any homeless seeking shelter under the awning, though the store’s manager has told reporters they just want to keep the sidewalk clean. From DNAinfo:

“It was to keep people from sleeping out there,” said a Strand bookseller who asked that her name not be used. “People used to sleep over there and in the morning we have to put out the book carts, so it was a little bit difficult and uncomfortable for some people.”

It was bad because you get soaking wet,” one homeless person told reporters. “If you’re lying there and you don’t know about it, everything is going to get soaking wet—all your personal belongings. You’re going to freeze, basically” …

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