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Brutal ISIS Rebels Declare Their Own Religious State

The group known as ISIS has declared themselves an Islamic “caliphate”, renaming itself “The Islamic State,” and is now demanding allegiance from Muslims around the globe. After taking over large areas of Iraq and Syria—frequently through brutal attacks—the rebel group has named its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the ruler of the new state and Muslims across the globe.

An “Islamic State” spokesman issued a statement saying, “It is incumbent upon all Muslims to pledge allegiance to (him) and support him … The legality of all emirates, groups, states, and organizations, becomes null by the expansion of the khalifah’s authority and arrival of its troops to their areas.” Since their sudden rise to power in Iraq, the rebels have been so savage that even al Qaeda has renounced them. Along with imposing strict Sunni ideology, the group has executed hundreds of people in cold blood, and this weekend, is said to have publicly crucified eight fellow Muslims for being “too moderate” …

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