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How to Make the Most of the End of Summer

How to Make the Most of the End of Summer

Don’t freak out, but it’s August. That’s not a bad thing necessarily, since you’ve still got several weeks of warm weather ahead, but it does mean summer is winding down.

It’s been a strange one. From the early March thrills of an unprecedented vaccine rollout that promised to bring the pandemic to an early close to the frustrating ceiling on vaccination rates and the spread of the Delta variant.

But for those willing to stay safe, there are still a lot of ways to savor the waning days of summer, making the most of August’s remaining bright mornings and long evenings. Here are a few ways to make sure you get everything you can out of this summer, before we turn the page to fall.

Start Your Day With a Walk

The day will come — much sooner than you think — when it’s too cold to be outside. That’s why right now is the time to start walking. Get started early, before the heat really kicks in, and take in your neighborhood on foot. Not only is it good for your body and a great way to commune with your community a little, but it’s also great mental exercise and boosts your overall mood.

Leave the Phone at Home

Don’t get us wrong. There’s a time and a place to veg out on Twitter or Instagram. But if we’re being really honest, that feels like a cold weather activity. In the summer, why not try experimenting with venturing out sans phone? Obviously, there are lots of instances where you might feel like you need to have the phone on you but if you’re being realistic, you can probably think of a few times a week where you can stand be a apart from it for a little while. You might be surprised at what thoughts and moods present themselves when you don’t have your phone around to distract you from them.

Invest in Nearby Lemonade Stands

In the summer months, it’s not a bad idea to keep a few bucks on your person in case you come across a young entrepreneur and his or her lemonade start-up. Nothing beats a glass of lemonade on a scorcher, and you’ll never miss the 60 seconds or 50 cents you lose to pick one up. Don’t forget to tip big, given the state of the economy and all.

Make Your Summer Mix

Hopefully you’ve already got this down but on the off-chance you haven’t perfected your summer 2021 playlist, now’s the time. Everyone has songs that just feel like summer, and you need them all on the same mix, perfectly ordered for maximum summer enjoyment. And don’t be selfish! Share it around with friends and family. Great summers are never had in isolation.

Shake up Your Remote Working Situation 

If you’re still working remotely, don’t get into a rut. Talk to your employer about options available to you and switch up your routine a little. Get some work done outside, weather permitting, or head down to your local coffee shop and answer emails from there. The change of scenery will do you good and get you walking around in the summer weather.

Hit Up Your Local Museums

It can be surprising how rarely locals take advantage of their museum situations. Especially in August, when the summer heat gets downright brutal, museums provide an indoor respite for your body in addition to the obvious perks for the mind. Whether your local museum options focus on art, history, science or anything else, you might surprised at what your city has made available to you. Make sure to check ahead for COVID-19 guidelines and then get exploring.

Get Your Book On

You may have had grand plans for reading more this summer that, like many grand plans, didn’t quite pan out. But the great thing about reading is, it’s never too late. We at RELEVANT made it very easy to get your book on with some of our favorite recent releases.

Never Regret a Swim 

A friend of mine has a life rule: “you never regret a swim.” Now, sure, a few people out there might be able to come up with some exceptions to the rule but generally speaking, the rule will serve you well. Whether the beach, a lake, a public pool, a friend’s above-ground situation or even just the pool in the hotel you’re staying in for a boring work trip, taking a few minutes to suit up and swim around will do you good.


Stargazing is pretty straightforward. All you need is a blanket and potentially a means of transportation to put a little distance between you and the city lights. You can even download SkyView onto your phone if you need a little help identifying constellations and planets. This is plenty of fun on your own but it also makes for an unbeatable date idea. Just make sure to bring some good snacks.

Become a Grill Master

Everyone loves the friend who knows how to grill, and it’s not too late for you to become that friend. Contrary to popular opinion, this doesn’t have to be an enormous financial investment. If you know how to use it, a little charcoal kettle can be every bit as effective as a ginormous gas grill, and costs a fraction of the price. Pick one recipe to master. It can be burgers, pulled pork, salmon or even corn on the cob. Experiment a few times until you’ve got it down, and then invite some friends over to (safely!) see what you’ve been up to. You’ll have everyone dreaming of the next summer.

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