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U.S. Government Is Ready To Admit UFOs Are Real

U.S. Government Is Ready To Admit UFOs Are Real

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. According to the U.S. government, UFOs are real.

UFO sightings have often been met with skepticism, with many claiming they are most likely just tricks of light or a known object caught high in the sky. However, the U.S. government is now admitting there have been numerous reported sightings of what they are calling unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) over the past few decades. 

In an interview with 60 Minutes, former employees of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, a program tasked with researching and analyzing UAPs, discussed their findings, claiming that there are, in fact, multiple UAPs in the universe. 

In some cases, there are simple explanations for what people are witnessing. But there are some that, that are not. We’re not just simply jumping to a conclusion that’s saying, ‘Oh, that’s a UAP out there.’ We’re going through our due diligence,” said Lue Elizondo, former director of AATIP. “Ultimately when you have exhausted all those what ifs and you’re still left with the fact that this is in our airspace and it’s real, that’s when it becomes compelling, and that’s when it becomes problematic.

“Imagine a technology that can do 6-to-700 g-forces, that can fly at 13,000 miles an hour, that can evade radar and that can fly through air and water and possibly space. And oh, by the way, has no obvious signs of propulsion, no wings, no control surfaces and yet still can defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravity. That’s precisely what we’re seeing.”

The research and data was shocking. One former team member reported that a UAP was spotted “every day for at least a couple of years” while the program was running. However, the team was never able to conclusively determine what their research was showing. 

A former U.S. Navy fighter pilot recalled his eye-witness experience with a UAP during 60 Minutes, saying, “I don’t know who’s building it, who’s got the technology, who’s got the brains. But there’s, there’s something out there that was better than our airplane.”

Despite the seemingly overwhelming amount of data collected, the results were often met with major doubts, as there was no conclusive evidence on what is out there. 

The program was defunded in 2012 after nearly five years of research. However, the Pentagon restarted the initiative, now known as the UAP task force, in August 2020 to report any strange encounters. 

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio expects the UAP task force to deliver answers to the Senate. 

“I want us to take it seriously and have a process to take it seriously,” said Rubio. “I want us to have a process to analyze the data every time it comes in. That there be a place where this is cataloged and constantly analyzed, until we get some answers. Maybe it has a very simple answer. Maybe it doesn’t.”

Whether or not the task force is able to deliver concrete evidence of UAPs, it is interesting to see the U.S. government finally admit that alien spacecrafts (and maybe aliens?) are out there.

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