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Chavez’s Handpicked Successor Wins Venezuelan Election; Opponent Demands Recount

The man that Hugo Chavez handpicked before his death to lead Venezuela has won the country’s presidential election by a narrow margin. Nicolas Maduro, who recently told supporters “I am not Chavez, but I am his son”, reportedly took 50.7% of the vote; opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski, took 49.1%. Though a top election official said that the results were “irreversible”, Capriles has demanded a recount, calling Maduro “the loser”.

Maduro, who was a close political companion to long-time leader Hugo Chavez, says that he intends to continue to build on the “21st century socialism” plan championed by Chavez. Maduro is also known for using anti-American rhetoric in the days following Chavez’s death, accusing the United States of intentionally giving the late president cancer. But, according to some government sources, Maduro is looking to restart diplomatic talks with the U.S. and has reportedly reached out to Washington …

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