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Christians Say, Heck Yeah, They’d Engineer Mosquitoes to Die and Not Spread Disease

Of course, Christians are by-and-large opposed to genetic engineering of animals in order to benefit humans. That’s messing around with Creation with a capital C. Of course. Of course.

Except for mosquitoes. Those things can burn in the fires of Hades for all we care, says new research from Pew.

Pew Research Center announced today seven in 10 Americans support the idea of engineering mosquitoes to limit their reproduction and slow the spread of diseases like malaria and Zika virus. That number is consistent when you isolate those who identify as Evangelicals (69 percent) and actually sees an uptick amongst Catholics (75 percent), those cheeky sorts. (h/t Christianity Today)

Most respondents are supportive in general of using genetic engineering to improve human health. Roughly half of Christians support things like growing human organs in animals. In fact, only 45 percent of evangelicals oppose the use of animals in research, a number less than the American average (52 percent.)

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Finally, two in 10 Americans (18 percent, to be exact) said they opposed bio-engineering because they worried about disrupting nature or God’s plan.

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