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Church Convinces Parents Not to Abort Unborn Baby with Down Syndrome; Finds Family to Adopt on Facebook

When Rev. Thomas Vander Woude of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville, Va., heard about two parents who were planning to abort their unborn baby when they found out the child had Down Syndrome, he made a deal with them. If his church could find a family to adopt the baby, they would agree to not go through with the abortion. The mother was almost six-months along, and the issue became urgent because she lives in another state where abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy is illegal. The pastor posted this message on the church’s Facebook:

There is a couple in another state who have contacted an adoption agency looking for a family to adopt their Down Syndrome unborn baby. If a couple has not been found by today they plan to abort the baby. If you are interested in adopting this baby please contact Fr. VW IMMEDIATELY

Within days, they had received hundreds of calls from around the country from families willing to adopt the baby. According to ABC News, an adoption agency has narrowed the search down to three families, and is currently determining which would be the best fit for the baby …

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