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Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Amal Alamuddin

Over the weekend, internationally renowned human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin finally tied the knot with a noted American actor by the name of George Clooney. You’ve probably heard of him. You probably know an awful lot about him actually. In fact, by this point, you’re likely aware that the two exchanged vows in Venice during what was, in all likelihood, a fairly well-to-do ceremony, attended by the likes of Bono, Bill Murray and Bradgelina.

But though Alamuddin’s name doesn’t have quite the global currency of her new husband’s, she is definitely awesome. Over her storied career, Alamuddin has worked with the UN on a broad spectrum of human rights issues, including drone warfare, protecting children caught in war zones and ending sexual violence in London, where she lives. Her new husband is an Oscar winning actor who has lately found some innovative ways to combat genocide. Congratulations to the happy couple …

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