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Customers Pool Their Money to Surprise Beloved Bagel Shop Employee with a Car

The patrons of Bruegger’s Bagels are big fans of Shirley Ratliff. The bagel shop employee, who’s been working the same job since 2006, is known for her optimistic attitude and serving the regular customers with a smile every morning. For years, she’s taken three different buses to get to work each day, and though she’d been saving for her own vehicle, after being diagnosed with cancer, most of her income went to medical treatment. Last week, her customers decided to surprise the 47-year-old with a pretty great gift. Together, a bunch of them chipped in and surprised Ratliff with a car—with the taxes and insurance paid for. When The Fresno Bee asked one of her customers what inspired the generosity, he said, “She’s Shirley. She takes care of us and always has a smile” …

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