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Democrats May Make Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage Part of Official Party Platform

The Democratic Platform Drafting Committee has officially approved a plank involving the legalization of same-sex marriage for the first time, meaning that the issue will likely become part of the Democratic Party’s official platform. There had been considerable speculation that the Democratic Party would include the plank in recent years, but its reality was considered unlikely until President Barack Obama announced his support of gay marriage, making the issue a significantly more mainstream part of his party. The platform remains a rough draft however, meaning that none of the planks are yet official. Nothing will be concrete until August, when the full committee meets to vote on amendments to the draft, and then that draft is sent to Charlotte for the convention in the first week of September. Whether or not the amendments are made official, its a significant move for the LGBT community, which has never had its cause officially supported by either of the major political parties …

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