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Disaster Relief for Oklahoma Tornado Victims

According to reports, dozens of people have been killed (though actual number is still unclear) by two massive tornados that ripped through Oklahoma yesterday. The storms leveled two schools and countless homes and buildings throughout the suburbs of Oklahoma City. Hundreds more residents were injured, and local officials still expect the death toll to rise. Several of the victims were children.

The two, mile-wide tornados left a 22-mile long trail of devastation when they struck yesterday afternoon. Officials from the National Weather Service say the Category Four storm brought with it winds between 166 and 200 mph.

People looking to help can text REDCROSS to 90999—it’ll automatically send $10 to Red Cross relief in the area. Red Cross also set up this website for people looking to check in on loved ones in the area. The Salvation Army is also in the area, and you can donate $10 to them by texting STORM to 80888. Oklahoma Baptist Relief has sent 80 volunteers to help with the clean up, and you can donate to them here. If you know of any other verified relief organizations that could use help, list them in the comments. And to all in the area, our prayers are with you. …

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