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Either This Tweet Has a Typo or Millennials Are Much, Much Wealthier Than We Thought


Everyone knows that the economy continues to struggle, and millennials—saddled with student loans and soaring cost-of-living numbers—are taking a significant brunt of a sluggish economy. But at least one periodical is daring to wonder: Maybe the economy is amazing, and millennials are enjoying its astronomical fruits?

Late Monday night, culinary rag  took to Twitter with a pretty mundane observation that had just one slight syntactical error that had at least a few millennials wondering what they were doing wrong and if their friends are significantly better off than they’d been led to believe. See if you can spot it.

OK, so, that’s not exactly how “averages” work. Harmless enough mistake (what they meant to say was that millennials as a whole spend about $96 billion on food) but Twitter had fun with it anyway.



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For their part, Bon Appét took the ribbing in stride.

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