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Feel-Good Story: This Girl Who Lost Family in a Fire Is Getting 1000s of Christmas Cards

And now, a story that will turn you into a puddle of tears. Three years ago, Sa’fyre Terry lost her father and three siblings in a fire. And in the process, the flames took her right hand and left foot and burned more than 75 percent of her body. The now-8-year-old girl told her aunt, Liz Dolder, that all she wanted for Christmas was a bunch of Christmas cards. Not wanting to get her hopes up, her aunt told that she may receive a few. But, through the power of social media, little Sa’fyre received thousands of cards and packages in the mail from people touched by her story. In fact, in just one day Sa’fyre received about 195,000 cards and more than 3,000 packages. It took two two-ton mail trucks and a rented cargo truck to deliver the mail. “’Wow’ is the general reaction in my family,” her aunt told ABC News. And get this: A 5-year-old boy in Hong Kong sent Sa’fyre his favorite teddy bear with a note that said “Let’s be friends.” Yeah, be right back, we have to go cry now.

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