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Ferguson Police Reportedly Fire Tear Gas on Al Jazeera Crew Before Taking Their Equipment

Following the institution of a no-fly zone, the news media has had a difficult time covering the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. On Wednesday, two journalists were arrested and then released without charges, and numerous reporters have said they have received threats from police. And now, local news channel KSDK has released footage of a SWAT team firing tear gas onto an Al Jazeera America news crew filming behind the police barricade. Once the reporters had fled the tear gas, the SWAT team is seen moving in to dismantle and confiscate their recording equipment. The Ferguson Police Department has not released a statement about the event, but Al Jazeera has, which reads in part:

Al Jazeera America is stunned by this egregious assault on freedom of the press that was clearly intended to have a chilling effect on our ability to cover this important story. Thankfully, all three crew members are physically fine.

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