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France Will Send More Troops to Intervene in the Central African Republic

Early this week, we posted about the terrible situation unfolding in the Central African Republic, where rebels—who recently overthrew the government—have been massacring villagers and committing horrible atrocities. Since then, villages have formed their own militias to protect themselves, as tens of thousands have been forced to flee their homes and seek safety. The fighting is primarily over religion—the rebels are mostly aligned with Islamic groups, and many of CAR’s citizens are Christians. Now, the U.N. has approved an increase of French troops (CAR is a former French colony) in the region, in an effort to protect civilians from the violence. Officials in the U.K. have said that they will airlift equipment into CAR to support the additional 1,200 troops, and the U.N. Security Council approved an arms embargo that will prevent weapons from being sold to the country …

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