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George W. Bush: The Artist

The American public was horrified to learn this weekend that hackers had infiltrated the personal email account of former president George W. Bush. No, it wasn’t security secrets, sensitive diplomatic information or launch codes that were uncovered … it was very odd self-portraits. How does the former leader of the free world spend his retirement? Evidentially by painting pictures of himself bathing. Of course, the hacking of anyone’s personal email account is an egregious violation of privacy, but when you’re the former president of the United States, leaked self-portraits are instantly newsworthy. On the plus side for the former president, the paintings have actually gotten some relatively positive feedback from one New York art critic, who praised them for their emotional subtlety: “The images of a man who saw the entire world from the inside but who finds the smallest, most private place in a private home to imagine his universe,” says the critic. Despite the positive artistic feedback, the FBI isn’t too happy about the hack and is launching an investigation …

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