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A Gitmo Prisoner Dictated Today’s ‘New York Times’ Op-Ed Over the Phone

Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbel is a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay who “wrote” an op-ed in today’s New york Times by dictating it to his lawyer over the phone. It’s pretty chilling stuff, describing his 11 year and 3 month imprisonment in gruesome detail. “I have never been charged with any crime. I have never received a trial. I could have been home years ago—no one seriously thinks I am a threat—but still I am here.” He has joined many inmates in a hunger protest that guards are pushing back on by force feedings. “I will agree to whatever it takes in order to be free,” he says. “I am now 35. All I want is to see my family again and to start a family of my own” …

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