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The ‘Good Samaritan Pastor’ Made It All Up

Last week, Virginia Pastor George Hunley was hailed as a “Good Samaritan” when he showed up in the hospital with two bullet wounds. He said he’d received the wounds when he pulled over to help a black man and a white woman stranded on the road when they shot him and stole his wallet. The pastor claimed he struggled with the man and ended up breaking his attacker’s arm before they fled.

Suspicions were raised about Hunley’s story when he refused to take a polygraph test to verify his account. “I’ve been in shock,” he told local reporters. “I’ve been shot twice. I had to wrestle for my life. There is no way in this world I’m going to take a polygraph test. They are too inconclusive.” Hunley isn’t totally wrong, but police investigating the event ended up arresting Hunley for falsely reporting a crime. “Everything right now points to us believing that there was no armed robbery,” police said. “There was no bi-racial couple, that all of that didn’t happen.” Hunley, however, maintains his innocence …

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