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Grandfather Wrestles Shark With His Bare Hands to Save Toddlers

In a fight between a 62-year-old Welsh grandfather and a 6-and-a-half-foot dusky shark, there is no fight, because Paul Marshallsea laid the smack down on the shark before things could even get started. When beachcombers started shouting “Shark!” Mashellsea lept into action and grabbed the shark away from a couple of toddlers who were playing in the nearby surf. “My instincts took over,” he said, by which he meant that his sheer, raw courage left him with no choice but to remind the shark that you don’t get to be 62 without knowing how to handle troublemakers. A wildlife expert joined him in the ocean, and the two guided the animal back out to where it belonged. “I know it was dangerous but it almost looked beautiful,” Marshallsea told the BBC, because he is wise enough to honor his fallen enemies. “You have got to have respect for a beautiful animal” …

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