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Health Food and Breakfast: Just What You Want from Taco Bell

The fast food chain that brought us new, glorious combinations of taco meat and snack chips, has now announced that they will be branching out into the two areas people least want from Taco Bell: Health food and breakfast. By 2020, Taco Bell says it wants at least 20% of its menu options to meet the government’s basic guidelines for recommended calorie and fat content. To be fair, most of the menu’s current burrito selection meets those standards (as long as you only take one bite).

The chain is also currently testing a few breakfast items in several hundred West Coast stores. It’s flagship First Meal option? The A.M. Crunchwrap, a combination of egg, cheese, hashbrowns, bacon, and sausage, wrapped in (what else) a tortilla. It’s also served with a custom drink called “Mtn Dew A.M.”, which, evidently is just orange juice mixed with Mountain Dew. Now, you can get all of your government recommended daily calories in a single meal …

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