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Heartbreaking Video of Aleppo Orphans: ‘We Want to Live. We Want Peace’

A group of orphans in Aleppo have created a moving and heartbreaking video, begging for an end to the violence in the city. In the video, which was posted by the Syrian network Aleppo Today, a 10-year girl says,

This might be the last time you see and hear me … We all hope to get out of Aleppo and eat and drink. We want peace. We cannot leave because of the airstrikes … Please get us out of Aleppo. We want to live like everyone else.

There have been reports of executions and airstrikes in recent days despite early promises for an evacuation of civilians and a cease fire. The situation is developing rapidly, with some outlets reporting that more civilians have been evacuated in the last few hours.

Here’s a list of some organizations helping the victims of the crisis.

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