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Here’s an Anti-Fascism Video the U.S. Gov. Released Back in 1943. You Should Watch

Back in 1943, fascism was a major threat to America, and the U.S. War Department saw the dangers of allowing racism, fear of immigrants, nationalism and even Nazism to infiltrate society.

So, they released a video warning agains the dangers of fascist rhetoric.

Following the events of Charlottesville this weekend, it’s once again a relevant and powerful watch.

At one point, a man in the crowd hears the hate-filled words of a fascist protestor and asked the man next to him, “I’ve heard this kind of talk before, but I never expected to hear it in America. You believe in this kind of talk?”

It’s a question that sadly, still seems like some in America need to ask themselves today.

"Don't be a sucker"

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In 1943, the US War Department released this video to tell Americans not to fall for fascist rhetoric. Share this video if you've heard language like this recently.

Posted by Al Jazeera English on Sunday, August 13, 2017


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