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Hershey Is Introducing Its Own Version of Nutella. The Revolution Has Begun

When companies war over supremacy of the coveted chocolate spread market, we all win. Hershey is releasing its answer to the sweet delicious Nutella with a new collection of their own jarred candy spreads. Of course, one of the varieties available in the new line contains hazelnut, a move that is the flavor equivalent of Hershey slowly removing a glove from their hand, one finger at a time, and dramatically striking Nutella across the face with it. In a press release announcing the bold new product, Hershey said, “Hershey’s Spreads will make everything delicious through seemingly endless pairing possibilities. Whether pairing with traditional selections such as graham crackers, strawberries or bananas, or more adventurous pairings like celery, pineapple or pickles, Hershey’s Spreads is the ultimate snack enhancer.” You hear that? The ultimate snack enhancer. Your move Nutella …

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