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Homeless Man Who Returned $42,000 He Found, Receives $94,000 in Donations

Glen James has been living on the streets of Boston since 2005, but this week, one good deed has changed his life forever. After finding a backpack containing $42,000 in cash, James decided to turn it in to police so that they could find its rightful owner. After reading about the extraordinary act of honesty, a man in Virginia named Ethan Whittington decided to set up an online donation campaign, with the goal of raising a few hundred dollars from others who had heard about James’ act of goodness. As of this morning, nearly $94,000 has poured in. Whittington, told The Boston Globe, “It’s just inspiring to see somebody do an honorable thing like that. If everybody could have the humanity that he did that day, and be together and warm, it’d be a special thing.” He also has set a new fundraising goal: Whittington hopes to raise a total of $250,000 so that James can purchase a home …

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