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Uh, Wow, Humanity Just Landed a Robot on a Comet

The Rosetta mission has been accomplished. This morning the Philae lander completed its 300 million mile, 10-year journey to a comet currently blasting through the solar system. The space probe successfully landed on a three-mile wide comet, drilling itself into the surface where it will use a variety of on-board, robotic devices to conduct tests and send data back to its mothership. Seriously, how cool does that sound? As astronomy expert at Nottingham Trent University, Daniel Brown, told CNN, no matter what the tests and data show us, the mission up to this point is an incredible achievement:

Apart from the amazing scientific results, the sheer challenge and ambition of such a mission is outstanding and illustrates how our space exploration of the solar system has become more advanced and successful. It gives us much to hope for in future missions.

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