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Hummer Driver Does the Impossible and Gives Hummer Drivers a Good Name

Hummer drivers get a bad rap. Maybe it’s jealousy, maybe it’s annoyance, maybe it’s just the fact that it’s hard to take someone who drives an actual tank around the suburbs very seriously. But every now and then, having a Hummer comes in handy, and Darrell Krushelnicki had the presence of mind to recognize it. Krushelnicki was at a stoplight when he saw another car speeding toward an intersection, oblivious to a group of four children who were crossing the street. With no time to shout a warning and finding himself unable to get the other driver’s attention (who was on his cell phone—oh brother), Krushelnicki used his Hummer for its originally intended purpose and drove out into the intersection, shielding the kids and taking the impact of the speeding car. The kids were fine. Krushelnicki got a tooth knocked loose and is being recommended for a citizen’s award. The other driver is being charged for reckless driving. So, let this be a lesson to you, Hummer drivers: Always use your powers for good, never for gas guzzling …

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