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Hummer Hero Story is Full of Heroes

Yesterday, the world learned what a true hero looked like when Alberta resident Darrell Krushelnicki drove his Hummer into an intersection to protect a group of kids crossing the street from an oncoming car, wrecking his Hummer, saving four lives and giving a good name to Hummer drivers everywhere. Krushelnicki is a true hero who knew what to do with the time that was given to him and did it in style. Now it turns out that one good deed deserves another, and Krushelnicki won’t face any insurance hikes for inciting an devastating car collision. According to Intact Insurance spokesperson Rosa Nelson: “We believe that insurance is about people, not things. We appreciate that thanks to Darrell’s quick response, four children were unharmed last week while crossing a pedestrian crosswalk.” Hummer drivers selflessly defending the defenseless. Insurance companies looking at the bigger picture. Canada is giving the rest of us something to shoot for …

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