Hungary Closes Its Border to Migrants

Hungary has stationed large groups of police officers along a 109-foot razor wire fence at the Serbian border in an effort to keep out migrants and refugees, many of whom are fleeing violence in Syria. The country has declared a state of emergency and has made it illegal to attempt to enter the country without a visa. On Monday alone, nearly 9,400 were detained. This morning, 16 people were arrested for crawling through a hole in the fence. They now face possible prison sentences. Hundreds of thousands of people from Syria, North Africa and the Middle East have made their way to Europe in recent months, facing often dangerous journeys while escaping instability in the region. Hungary, however, is now taking a strict stance, though it claims, those “eligible for asylum will be considered.” In a statement to The New York Times, a government spokesperson said, “A migrant should not be able to choose freely the country in which they claim asylum. Illegal border crossing has happened on an industrial scale here in Hungary. They’ve arrived in Hungary from 100 different countries, proving that this is a migration crisis and not a refugee crisis.”

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