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Iceland Passes Law to Fine Companies Not Paying Men and Women Equally

In a move that shouldn’t be surprising for the third-happiest country in the world, Iceland is putting action behind its commitment to end the gender wage gap.

According to reports, for the first time worldwide, it’s now illegal for companies to have a disparity in pay based on gender for people working the same job. Employers will have to prove that they are paying men and women equally and if they cannot, they’ll be fined approximately $500 each day they’re out of compliance.

Icelandic women are currently paid 78.5 cents to a man’s dollar.

The law will take effect in a stagger dependent on the company’s size, but within the next few years, most companies will be expected to be in compliance. It also obviously doesn’t expect employers to pay everyone the same without taking experience or performance into consideration; it just requires proof that differences in pay aren’t just gender based.

Activists worldwide cheered the step as one in the right direction.


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