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Important Pizza News: Chipotle Is Investing in New Pizzerias

Important, breaking news: The company that changed the way you order and consume burritos is preparing to get into the pizza business. Chipotle is investing in a “fast, casual” restaurant chain called Pizzeria Locale that offers a similar dining experience as their popular Mexican restaurants. The Denver-based pizza specialists at Locale allow customers to create their own pies, and then bake them in a special oven that cooks them in under two minutes. It’s just like the restaurant you’ve dreamed about. In a press release, Chipotle CEO Steve Ells said, “Opening Pizzeria Locale using a model similar to Chipotle allows us to make extraordinary pizza, made with high-quality ingredients accessible to everyone.” You hear that? “Accessible”; “extraordinary”; “high-quality”; “pizza.” Let the revolution begin …

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