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An Islamic Extremist Group in Syria Is Crucifying Its Enemies

An extremist group in Syria known as the ash-Sham (ISIS)—so radical that Al Qaeda kicked them out—has allegedly been crucifying its enemies in public. One of the jihadists tweeted a picture of a man, blindfolded, crucified and surrounded by a mob, saying “One of 7 people executed by ISIS in Raqqa today on charges of planting IEDs,” (improvised explosive devices).

According to the Daily Beast, ISIS was deemed a “liability to the al-Qaeda brand,” and have since gone rogue in Syria, where the situation is crumbling and power vacuums allow them to operate with relative impunity. Little is known beyond this, but the crucifixions allegedly took place in Raqqa, the first Syrian province the Assad regime lost to rebels. You can read more about the situation here, but please note that the Daily Beast‘s article contains graphic and horrifying pictures …

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