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Japan’s Last Ninja Seems Normal. Too Normal.

He’s 63-years-old, a former engineer, completing a second degree and, by all accounts, a friendly guy. But Jinichi Kawakami is also, depending on who you ask, Japan’s last true ninja, which means that all other facts about him are laced with a ribbon of most cunning awesomeness. He’s endured extreme heat and cold, can climb walls and jump from great heights, is an expert in ninja weaponry and explosives and has inherited a cache of secret scrolls from his master, so he seems pretty legit. He also claims that he’s never actually used any of his ninjutsu techniques for actual assassination and also that he has no plans to take on any apprentices. But, come on, you expect a ninja to just go around telling the press about all his success stories and ninja apprentices? Get real …

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