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Lance Armstong Fesses Up to What We Already Knew

Oprah aired the first part of her interview with Lance Armstrong last night, in which he opened up and confessed to one of the most widely known and talked-about incidents in recent history. The interview checked off all the right questions. Yes, he took performance-enhancing drugs through the entirety of his career. Yes, he shamed and humiliated anyone who accused him of cheating. Yes, he’s sorry for tarnishing the name of Livestrong. It all came across as a touch cold (Scott Allison, a professor at the University of Richmond who studies fallen heroes said, “For people like Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong, it’s so foreign to admit wrongdoing that they are out of their element … It can come across as robotic.”), but, to be fair, Armstrong was talking about something everyone already knows. How exciting could it have been? …

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